1 Westmount Square, Westmount | 12275 Av. Armand-Chaput, Montreal (RDP-PAT)12275 Av. Armand-Chaput, RDP-PAT(514) 989-1200 ccouturier@pubnix.net
Christian Couturier
Collaborative Lawyer and Certified Mediator
Family Mediation Face-to-Face - Family Mediation at Distance by Videoconference.

Conflict Resolution – Family Mediation – Family Mediation at Distance – Civil and Commercial Mediation
Collaborative Divorce – Collaborative Separation – Negotiation out of Court


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Evening appointments between Monday and Thursday are also available.

Saturday appointments between 10 am and 2 pm are also available.


Please call: (514) 989-1200 ext. 256

Fax: (514) 940-0645

Email: ccouturier@pubnix.net

12275, Av. Armand-Chaput
Montreal, QC
H1C 1Z6

(borough Rivière-des-Praires-Pointe-aux-Trembles)

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