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Christian Couturier
Collaborative Lawyer and Certified Mediator
Family Mediation Face-to-Face - Family Mediation at Distance by Videoconference.

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Me Christian Couturier
B.A., B.C.L., LL.B.
Collaborative lawyer and
certified family mediator

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In the event that:

  • You want to proceed in family mediation to negotiate the consequences of your separation.
  • You want to divorce or separate without having to go to court by using the approach of a collaborative divorce or a collaborative separation.
  • Legal proceedings in family matters have been taken, but now you want to put those aside and reach an agreement.
  • You have a judgement in family matters, but you would like to revisit it.

Mediation, collaborative divorce or collaborative separation are alternate dispute resolution (ADR) processes allowing you to negotiate out of court agreements.

Whether it be for a family mediation, a collaborative divorce or a collaborative separation, those ADR processes allow the parties to negotiate, empower themselves in the decision making and conclude amicable agreements. They are some of the alternate ways of resolving conflicts also referred to as PARTICIPATORY JUSTICE.

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